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Outswing Venting Terrace Doors

Outswing Venting Terrace Doors

Enjoy the benefits of a terrace door without having to worry about losing space in the room. Add an outswing venting door to gain the flexibility you need. Operating like a casement window on one side, outswing venting terrace doors provide full height ventilation and a mounted screen. The other side is a door that provides easy passage.


2064/2264 15 Lite Low E
View from outside


2064/2264 Clear Low E
View from inside

Available in standard sizes and replacement sizes for the 5’ and 6’ doors. Please check for availability with your local dealer.

• 30” & 32” terrace doors – use 20” x 64” glass (Steel and Fiberglass Smooth only)
• 34” & 36” terrace doors – use 22” x 64” glass (Steel, Fiberglass Smooth and Fiberglass Textured)
• 32” in Fiberglass textured – use 22” x 64” glass

Ask your dealer for more options and features